Chairman’s Open Letter- 4

27 May

Map Your Talent

India is moving rapidly with the world, where every sector creates a new field of opportunities for Indian professionals. To choose the right career option for a ‘bright future’, teenagers are now opening their career doors in India itself. It seems that there is yet another way in which the new generation differs from the older — that is the advent of career and education counselling. Earlier, it was typically scenario where the counseling would happen by the parents or the elders in the family, one that would balance both emotional and financial well-being. However, in the last decade, there has been a rise, especially in metropolitan India, in families seeking advice, or counselling from a third party.

Choosing the right career option is really tough for the students and the parents as well. Nowadays, students are more concerned about their professional career to stabilize their personal life and to fulfill their desires in the professional world ideally to have a perfect work – life balance.

Earlier Career counseling involved only seeking help regarding their professional careers but now there is wide gamut of issues which the counselors are addressing. With rising complexities in the relationships, seeking help from a third party offers objectivity and neutrality.
As more of the youth and their families became interested in seeking advice, the field broadened to include education counselling as well. The once self-made decisions about where to study and what course to study in college are now being carefully assessed and made with the help of a knowledgeable counsellor.

Today, we have many tests like personality, Psychometric , online tests which will help the students to accurately gauge not only the students’ interests, but also their aptitude. A combination of the two was analysed to provide career guidance to the students.

Today, many counselling centers offer services in four broad areas — aptitude and psychometric testing, career consultations, higher-education consultations and entrance examination tutoring (for GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) Specific packages are available that can be further customised to suit each individual student’s needs.

This is truly a crunching time for both the parents and the students. I hope you shall make the right decision which will shape your future.

“ Remember ! You Are The Architect Of Your Future.”


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